lunes, 23 de diciembre de 2013

The mention is ok but what's there beyond?

Until I had clear my mind enough to know which were my favorite interests and which knowledges were those which I love most, much things happened, inasmuch I always had wanted to become a psychology and not an English teacher, so I have to say that for me thinking about the future is not easy at all.

Anyway I had loved each experience with children I had so far. Being a teacher, it´s a function which I felt very comfortable with, I have been years working with children in different activities and I have had lots of fun and great moments with them, which besides I think is one of the most important things.

Being an infant and primary education teacher has many things to do with psychology and that´s the best part I love about being a teacher, taking into account that pupils are not much than little persons with each different personality, full of different emotions and feelings as you and me as well.

In relation to the future, first of all my main goal it´s finishing my English teacher degree and continuing making free subjects of psychology  through the UNED as now.

About making the official exams and becoming a serving civil, I don´t think I will take that path, I had always thought that had nothing to do with me, first because I always thought about working in an international school, as one of my big dreams, and second because now days public school in Spain are not one of my best options.

Anyway I know I´m a dreamer and possibilities are not that easy. I have to work hard and move on to get my goal.

Going back to real life what I think I will do it´s trying hard to work wherever as an English teacher and at the same time going on with some more studies as psychology, ICT or infant yoga, until I have experience enough to try in private or international schools here in Spain or abroad.

We´ll see what happens ;)

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